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    Eyelab is built on the basic idea that everyone who is looking for glasses online searches for stylish, modern, yet durable and reliable optical frames and sunglasses. We truly believe that quality is above all the other criteria when we are talking about the care of our eyes.

    With our 20 years experience in the optical field we come to the conclusion that the success of creating glasses in Europe is a result of the unique contribution of different nations. The Italian design, German craftmenship, British elegance all added to the success. 

    We try to take advantage of the benefits of the EU by providing Western European type of customer care, doing business in the UK, buying glasses from Italy and Germany and keeping a low Central European price level. 

    Enjoy this new shopping experience and do not hesitate to contact us in case of any need of help in choosing the best glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses for yourself. 

    We wish you pleasant shopping at

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