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    We have tried to make ordering your glasses online as simple as possible without having to go endlessly from page to page. When you have chosen your desired frame all you have to do is to enter your lens options and prescription details. Our online security accepts most types of credit cards and Paypal payments. it's as simple as that.

    If your prescription is older than two years, we recommend you to book an eye test with an eye doctor or optometrist.  

    Browse our diverse collection of designer glasses and sunglasses to find the pair you want. You can look at details of the frame with the magnifier tool, see the frame from several angles or even in 360 degree.


    Once you’ve selected your frames, move on to choosing your lenses.

    Select the lens type first. We offer a pair of single vision lens for free, but depending on the frame shape you can order varifocal lenses as well.


    Enter your prescription, than decide from the material and coating preferences. You now have the choice of sun reactive and tinted lens options. 

    When you are happy with your order, select ‘Add to basket’ and double check your order details.

    If the order is perfect then "Go to checkout" and make your payment via a credit/debit card or PayPal.

    Our expert team will check your order and if they find it proccessable, than Your new glasses will be despatched within days. 

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