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    We know that right after you placed an order in our webshop you can't wait to put your glasses on, so we try our best to deliver your desired glasses as fast as we can.  

    Due to our huge stock of frames we can take the frames from our shelves immediately and start the production of the lenses at the same time in most of the cases.

    If your glasses are out of stock we will contact you with an estimated time of delivery. You can always sign into your account and view ‘my orders’ to view the progress of your order during the process.



    In case of sunglasses we can ship the product to you within 10 days


    Glasses with a free pair of Single Vision lenses

    We need a short time to glaze your lenses in our lab, therefore the delivery time is 10 days. 

    Glasses with treated Single Vision lenses

    Special treatments like coating, coloring, our the production of thinner, lighter lenses require a short production period. After production we need a short time to glaze your lenses in our lab, therefore the delivery time is 14 days. 


    Free shipping for all European countries.

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