Favourite Selection: ESPRIT

5 July 2017 | 20% off all of our models!

20% off all of our models! Use the code FB-GLRC-6732-4731!

ESPRIT - “We want to make you feel good to look good.”

No doubt, ESPRIT is one of our favourite brand: effortless and easy-going style with an authentic twist and a sunny Californian attitude. Made from high quality and natural materials for those who would love to achieve a clear but fresh, fashionable look.

FYI: Some of the ESPRIT glasses are made of ULTEM, the strongest and the most durable acetate on the market right now. If you choose an ESPRIT, prepare yourself, it will be with you for a long time. ;)Silver-Land

Like an angel! Minimalist and sophisticated, so ethereal it almost flies away. Silvery and natural at the same time. Airy patterns, and a trendy ombre effect on the front. Perfect for walking on the beach, drinking a cocktail, or going to a summer date. 

Rock Attitude

Daytime like an angel, at night a little bit of an evil. A rocking attitude combined with a feminine touch, deep contrast and bright colors in one look. With these Esprit glasses you will be the queen of the party. 

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